Our Philosophy

At IQX, our partnership philosophy is based on the belief that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts - that a partnership needs to work in both directions for it to grow and become successful.

Key aspects of our partnership policy include:


We believe that a partnership relationship should be based on trust and understanding and an equitable approach to commerce. We carefully select the companies with which we work so that all partners share the same values and vision. Values such as honesty and transparency - together with an enthusiasm for collaborative working.


IQX wish to work with partners that offer complementary skills and expertise and who wish to work jointly to approach new opportunities. Whether it is a joint-bidding for a tender, or developing a new product or market, IQX has the skills and experience to bring much to any opportunity. We have collaboration with IT Innovation Centre of the University of Copenhagen and IT University and we have access to a wide range of specialist and academic resources.

There are many partner models - if you think you have many of the same visions and values as ourselves, and a partnering opportunity fits, please contact us on (+45) 7234 4774 , or email info@iqx.dk.

Our Philosophy