Project Management

Most IT Projects Fail. Will Yours?

Studies on project failure are easy to find and make depressing reading. Gartner studies suggest that 75% of all IT projects are considered to be failures by those responsible for initiating them.

We use the fundamentals and best practices of project management methodology as applied to IT initiatives, and practice and master the skills to deliver IT projects on time, within budget, and to specification. We examine all aspects of IT projects, including hardware, software, vendor relationships, communicating with different audiences, and working with local and remote teams. We can determine project scope, set and manage stakeholder expectations, identify and manage IT risks, and meet quality standards. We know how to overcome the most common pitfalls of IT project success.

When dealing with IT projects, using specialized project management techniques will be very beneficial to your ongoing progress leading to a much higher success rate in the long run. Planning and carrying out IT projects can be tricky for a variety of reasons, making the ability to complete them successfully a very valuable asset to any organization.

We offer Project Management that can increase your organization's chances for ongoing IT project success. Our years of experience allow us to execute strategies designed to minimize investments all while maximizing returns. We help you make decisions that will not tire you to today’s technology but will allow you to institute systems that are scalable.

Project Managment