Disaster Recovery

Whether your IT is failing and you have been left with an emergency situation on your hands or you just need extra support and specialist skills to keep you running while key resources are on leave or occupied on other projects, IQX can help.

IT Disaster Recovery

No one understands the importance of IT and how vital its smooth operation is more than us. Something as simple as a failed switch could bring your entire network to a standstill and IQX has engineers and support staff who can respond quickly to any emergency.

IQX has the flexible tools, systems and methodologies in place to be able to easily execute on one-off support to any business, so that if an emergency situation arises, you do not have to be an existing customer for IQX to provide a temporary solution.

IT Recovery timeline

If your IT system is failing, or key resources are unavailable IQX is able to fill the void and attend to your business and implement a quick, effective solution.

In order for our clients to receive the best possible solutions, IQX has established solid business partnerships with the industry’s leading IT vendors. Maintaining a high level of partnership and certification allows IQX continuously access best practice methodologies from vendors and incorporate it in our service offerings for the benefit of our clients.

IT Emergency Recovery